Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thinking of Home

I'm feeling nostalgic today, reflective; going back to my roots. 
I am off to the Yukon in August for a much needed visit with my home-land and my friends. And now that I know I am going I am feeling more homesick than ever! This time of year especially, my thoughts turn to  North - the long days and the clear bright colours of the water, sky and forest, and of course, the Fireweed.

I stitched this so long ago I can't remember when but I was inspired by that little verse "The flowers that grow always fade and wither but the ones that are stitched will live forever."

When I went looking for this, in my fit of nostalgia and reminiscing, I found my needlework portfolio. I haven't looked at these for a long time...

This is a little piece of Blackwork I designed and stitched when testing the Blackwork Embroidery Course for the Embroiderer's Association of Canada (EAC).

This was for a Silk Embroidery course through the Embroiderer's Guild of America - twenty 2" squares, all in one colour, each had to be a different stitch, all bordered by two rows of plain stitching and each and every single thread had to lay side by side. My eyes were crossed then and have never been the same since!

More Blackwork for the EAC course - this was intended to be a frame for a mirror - albeit a very small mirror! Someday I will have to get that done... It took me a long time to design and stitch this piece but I think of all my needlework it's my favourite.


more detail

Have you heard of this one?

"I pray that risen from the dead
I may in Glory stand.
A halo perhaps, upon my head,
But a needle in my hand."

Kind of quirky but I like it.


Becca said...

Wow! such intricate work! I would love to learn to stitch like that!

Anonymous said...

Your blackwork is beautiful, Jillayne. They used to embroider this type of design on the cuffs of royalty's clothing. Sometimes you can see bits and pieces of it in the paintings of the Old Masters.

Tina Eudora said...

Beautiful work Jillayne, I also remember Fireweed well from trips I made to B.C. and the Yukon. Lucky you to be making that trip in August!
I am originally from Montreal and had traveled across Canada many times in my youth and hope to do it again someday!