Monday, June 21, 2010

Party's Over!

Well, the party's over and it's time to get back to work... if you're here for Where Bloggers Create that post is here, and welcome back to everyone else!

So it's back to reality and here's what my room looks like now:

Fabric squares strewn on the floor while I try to figure out a layout...

My work table with lots of ... well, work.... I am puttering along on last Thursday's Artful Thursday idea.

Several people who came to the Blogger Party commented on my sewing machine cover. I did make it and thank you for the great compliments! My house gets awfully dusty and I often felt guilty about what that might be doing to my poor sewing machine; the party was an excellent excuse to finally get something made. And - from start to finish it didn't take three hours!

I found the pattern at the Moda Bake Shop. They have fantastic tutorials by many talented people and this is one of them. I changed it a bit - I didn't bother to make the "stepped-down" part, where my extension table ends but there is still more machine, I just made it the same length all across.

The other thing I did differently was not do all the ties - just one tie at the bottom of each side and to make the top neater I folded down one corner, then folded the other corner over top and sewed a button there to hold in place. I thought it looked neater and although it was not fun to sew through all those layers, I like the look better!

Cute, practical and quick - my kind of fun!

I'm off to the gym - my Quilted Exercise Program is not working as well as I hoped. Apparently a woman my age (icky reference point) has to put forth a bit more effort to stay in shape so it's off to the treadmill for me. More ick.


Becca said...

Hi Jillayne, I like the look of the fabric you are using to create a pattern for a new quilt! I still can't get past the "picking out fabric" yet. I spend hours in the fabric store trying to match or coordinate stuff. Thanks for the info on your cover, it looks so cute! Hey at least you're going to the gym! I hate the gym yuck. I like tennis, but it's too hot here now. :-(

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

Your space is so nice and you sweet kitty ~ adorable~ Thanks for your visit too!

Alisa said...

It's great!
I keep thinking I'll get around to making one for mine, as well as one for my mixer in the kitchen. But that's as far as I get... just thinking. LOL

Anonymous said...

Jillayne, I think quilters get lots of exercise! After all, we get up and down from the machine to the ironing board and back to the cutting board! Quilting isn't for sissies! LOL!

However...there sometimes IS that box of chocolates off to the right of the machine! ;-)
Just kidding! Chocolate makes one's hands too icky to stitch! That comes AFTER the stitching! ;-)


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Jillayne, It is so nice to know that another artist is back to normal and the studio
filling up with present projects. Mine is a bit of a mess at the moment, but I always say, you have to make a mess to get anything done. LOL!! I guess I will get my workout cleaning up. I like what Diane said about the chocolates.

Love your sewing machine cover. I need to make one for mine. In Texas we have lots of dust too.
Thank you for stopping by today.
Happy Creating.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

La Doña Jenny said...

Hello Jillayne,

Thank you for stopping by. Your studio is so peaceful - I love fabric but mine just seems to collect dust - I see you put yours to good use. Your sewing machine cover is lovely and very unique.


Maggie said...

I love your sewing machine cover......I am going to make one it will decorate my sewing room...not to mention it will keep the dust off...thank you for the idea.

Monica said...

I adore it! What a super job you did! And the colors are so YOU!
I have made one plain one for one of my sewing machines, now the second one is in dire need of a decent cover (I have turned a baby something into a cover, waiting until I have the time to make a new one. This looks like a super cool idea, never thought of making a quilt w/bows.