Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Great Purge

I started working on these towel totes from one of the Art to Heart books; we got the towels in at the shop and I offered to make a sample, but of course, why make one when  you can make five?

They're cute, work up quickly (ok, ok, - none are done - yet, but it won't be long...)
and I think they will be fun for my Sale.

When I was rooting around for scraps for the appliques I had a heck of a time finding some of the fabrics I wanted - so I decided it was high time for another Great Purge.

Every so often I feel overwhelmed by my fabrics and when I try to organize them I always come across a healthy pile of "What was I thinking? Or, what was I drinking?" fabrics.

So this morning I dragged it all out of the main warehouse, I mean cupboard, and started sorting...
And now it looks like this...

Below is the pile of rejects - rejected because they would never work in my house, or for anything I might want to make for myself. Some I bought specifically for Sale items and some, well, remember what I wrote above.

Now I just have to sort this pile, and find somewhere to put it...
It's a never-ending story!

Maggie asked in the comments of the last post what pattern the blue and red runner was. It's by This & That Pattern Company and is called "Waiting for Summer".

Very appropriate here in the Shuswap!

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