Friday, May 7, 2010

When You're Three and Afraid of Fairies

Twenty-two years ago next month I was travelling down the Alaska Highway with my Mom, Step-Dad, daughter Laura (3) and son Joey (1). Mom and Harold were up to the Yukon for a visit and the kids and I were extending it by going south with them and Marc (my husband) would pick us up in Castlegar two weeks later.

The first night we stopped at a pull-out for the night (a flat, gravelly patch off the highway for all you Southerners) and Mom requested we kids (me, and mine) go outside while she made dinner. Funny isn't it how you are always a child while your Mom is in the world?

Anyway, to keep Laura occupied I took her over to a little creek, not more than a foot wide, and said "Let's look for fairies!".

She burst into tears and pronounced she didn't like fairies - at all. And that was that. For twenty-two years.

And then... a fabric company licensed Cicely Mary Barker's Flowers Fairies...

At one of the Demos at the store I threw out a fairy challenge and seven people took it.

Two weeks later we had this!

So I made matching fairy hearts for all the participants to thank them for playing along.

If you haven't heard of the Flower Fairies you must check them out - they have their own website... but if you have a really warped sense of humour, you might like this!

And in case you didn't guess, the Fairy Flower Press is mine!

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Laura said...

One of the best things about mothers is that they remember the cute, funny things that you do... before you are old enough to do so yourself.