Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's Doin'?

There's a lot going on in my corner these days - I have finally started on some much needed home renovations and have almost finished two of the three bathrooms. The To Do List is very long but I am glad to have begun.

I have also decided to renovate my blog - Recherche seemed like a good idea at the time (as all good ideas worth their salt do) but after many, many people asking me how to say it, and what does it mean, I decided things should be a little simpler. So I have found a blog designer, sent her a raft of pictures and she will give me a brand new look. My blog that is. Banners. Post Dividers. (Somehow right now I am thinking of the Beverly Hillbillies???? Are you, or am I alone in this?)

Anyhow, my new name will be "A Fine Seam" and in a week or two Karen will come up with something stunning and things will look a little different around here. You just wait and see.

Pretty good graphic image of fine seams don't you think? Get where I'm coming from?

I sent her this one as well - told her I like beachy colours - the ones where you can't always tell where the sky ends and the water begins; subtle, undefined.

(When I was picking paint colours I found I was gravitating to the ones in between the colours - where beige changed to grey and blue shifted to green - betwixt and between. And isn't betwixt a great word?)

This was another photo I sent to Karen - me and my hearts! I especially like the heart angel - both her body and her wings are hearts and I have been collecting buttons so I can make some for this year's Sale.

I have also enrolled myself in an online journaling course by Stephanie Lee - already I am loving it. Before quilting, before beading, before knitting and before glueing I remember sitting on a big rock in a vacant lot near our home, with my grown-up purse that either belonged to my Mother or Grandmother and, with a pen, made wavy lines in a notebook - I was writing. I have always wanted to write - trouble was, I never thought I had a story to tell.

Took me 45 years to learn their didn't need to be a "story" - I could just write.

And so now I am.


Maggie said...

"A Fine Seam"....suits you to a "T"........enjoy your stories Jill and your Blog always looks good and thank you for allowing us to look into what you are up to. I do miss the Demo's though...but for now will watch your blog to see what you are up to. Thank you
Margaret Magri

Maggie said...

Oh I forgot to tell you.....I'm into HEARTS also!!!