Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Very Fine Seam Indeed!

Well here it is, my brand new look - hope you like it!

I think it is a much better reflection of what I do and I am excited about the change.

Karen of Valentine Design created it all from banner to background to side buttons and of course the post dividers (which I think are my personal favourite)! I think she did a splendid job of understanding just what I wanted in both design and colour.

So to celebrate I am having a give-away!

This lovely stitched heart is softly scented with lavender and can be hung by the ribbons or tucked into a drawer...

Just leave a comment telling me what you like best about my new look and on Friday night I will choose a winner!


Marj Talbot said...

This new look is totally awesome. It is indeed a fine seam that you sew in all that you do. This look is a true reflection of you in the content, colours, and arrangements.
I love the "countryfied" down home feeling as well. Nice word eh?

Good Work!!

Lucille said...

I think it is lovely. I think it is a wonderful reflection of your hand work.

Ann Moncus said...

A heartwarming look and I like hearts in
my sewing and painting. I enjoy your
Thursday list to spark my creativity.