Monday, May 3, 2010

Organized Chaos

In a very early issue of Victoria magazine there was an article about a woman who collected antique textiles and once a year she would invite her friends to her home and allow them to purchase these beautiful treasures. Every piece was lovingly arranged to show it to it's best advantage and she served an array of artfully presented hors d'ouvres and baked goods along with specially selected wines. I thought it sounded wonderful and wished I was one of her friends...

So I decided on the next best thing and that would be to hold my own yearly sale in my home and invite all my friends. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of my sale and I want this year's to be the most special of all.

I usually don't begin preparations in earnest until Fall, and even then the invitations aren't made until November, but I have already begun - in fact, I began a month ago when my daughter Laura was here for a visit. She wanted to help with something and as she had already done enough baking to last us a month I set her to work on my Sale invitations. They are now all done except for the printed information regarding the date and time.

Last week I had an idea for the tags. I had some printed while still living in the Yukon and as I had them make 500 they have lasted for a long, long time. I still have enough to last a few years more but I want a change.

I had seen images of all sorts of little dyed tags; some were stamped, some had lace or ribbons and pretty jewels attached, and some had all of the above; plain or fancy, take your pick. But I like making my own things and this is what I came up with...

I found some manila tags in the local stationery store and although they had several sizes to choose from I thought they were all too long for their width. So I chose a size that had the right width for little price tags and began by chopping off half an inch from the length of each one - much better!

After dyeing them with a slurry of coffee grounds, instant espresso and a shot of vanilla I let them dry for a whole day. I have a stamp with French script so I stamped each one, front and back - pretty already!

I hand cut all the little papers and glued them on so I would have a place to write something and then tied all the little ribbon bows (all 80 of them!) and glued them on. Then I just had to add the string for tying them on.

I liked them so much I decided to make some more but this time I will leave the length alone and then sell them as gift tags.

Cute huh? And way too much fun to do!

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