Thursday, May 13, 2010

Artful Thursday - "Ouch" the Snowman

My first pincushion was the standard issue red tomato and it came in the sewing box my Grandmother gave me for my 7th birthday.
My second one was a wrist pincushion I had for "Sewing and Textiles" in Grade 7 - I hated it!

A few months ago the store got in some cute pincushion patterns and having made a few I now have pretty pincushions all over my sewing room.

Has it happened to you that once you take notice of something, you see it everywhere? That's what I'm finding now with pincushions, and I have seen some cuties. I really like the ones that are little animals sitting on something: squirrel on an acorn, rabbit on a spring flower - you get the idea.

One thing I like to make is snowmen - so I thought I would make a snowman pincushion. But what would he sit on? Why, an ice-cube, of course...

Here he is on a dark background,

And again on a light one,

Detail of the ice cube - I embroidered snowflakes!

This is the back view. I covered the seam of the hat with a button.(The seam becomes visible when you fold up a brim)

A better view from the back.

He was such fun to make and all I knew at the start was that he would sit on an ice cube. In order to not have him too tall, and thus "tippy" he is composed of only two snowballs. I put plastic pellets into all three components (cube and both balls) as well as fibre fill just to make him more stable.

The twig arms are pieces from mint I dried last year and the scarf is knitted on tiny needles and is only 5 stitches across so it was quick to make.

I had no buttons small enough in the right colour for his belly so I stitched little snowflakes there too. (You can click on any of the pictures for a closer look)

The pins are meant to be stuck into the ice cube - granted there isn't much room for many but I think his cuteness makes up for the lack of practicality!


Marj Talbot said...

This snowman pincushion is very very cute and could double as a winter ornament. I like the combination of sewing, knitting, embroidery. It shows great talent in both creativity and imagination.
Thanks for the great post.

Laura said...

That is the cutest thing you have ever made! EVER!

paperbird said...

Hi Jillayne- your snowman is sweet- a wonderful idea for a pin cushion!
I know I am slow at getting my things on etsy- I have been humbled and try to get them listed. If you would like one they are 6.95 plus 1.50 shipping- just email me and I can send one to you- with a cute bird of course.

Maggie said...

Your snowman pincushion is adorable, I will definatly have to make I collect pincushions......and love to make different ones for my sewing quilting friends as well thanks again for the cute are so talented.