Thursday, May 27, 2010

Artful Thursday - Inspiration!

I am just home from spending four days in Vancouver, having seen and done some wonderful things!

It started on Sunday, Laura's 25th birthday, with a walk around the Seawall (all 9 kilometres!) and a beautiful view of the Scuba Girl.

An attempt at trick photography,
Laura kept trying to coax Marc's hand into just the right position so it would look like he was holding the statue in his hand - as Maxwell Smart famously said, "Missed it by that much!"

And the next morning a trip to Maiwa Supply on Granville Island to go barrel diving... "What's barrel diving you say?"

You have a choice of three paper bag sizes: $4.00, $6.00 or $10.00 and you stuff whatever scraps and remnants you can from the barrel into your bag with out ripping it. I had four assistants whilst performing my dive: one holding the bag, two holding fabric scraps I didn't want but needed to have out of the way while I dug deeper still, and one coaching. There was much discussion at one point, as I dug ever deeper, about the merits of holding my ankles and letting me go all in - idiots! The barrel is nowhere near deep enough for that but I did appreciate the sentiment. And commentary. 

This is a $6.00 bag full of linen and hand dyed cotton scraps, all organic.

And here it is all dumped out - the size of the pieces vary; most of the remnants are scraps from cutting out clothing but they are terrific for making little bitty things.

Now, on to my project for this week:
I had found a sheet of sticker paper for making labels on computers (which I have absolutely no interest in doing) and thought it might work well for making stickers, using a round, decorative paper punch I bought recently. I found a distressed ink pad and dabbed and smeared it all over the label page until it was pretty well all covered. I punched out a few circles first and then tried stamping them (see the reindeer and holly below) but had trouble getting the stamp centred properly. So, I got out my trusty stamp with writing and stamped that on the sticker sheet using black ink - then punched the stickers. Worked like a charm!

Here's a view of the sheet with some stickers punched out... easy as pie and the sky's the limit!

One of the best finds of the trip was the book "Treasured Notions" by Kaari Meng of French General; I bought it for the pictures of her inspiration boards. I wanted to do one so badly for today - it will have to wait until next week though, as I have much to do and am working tomorrow and Saturday. 
So to satisfy my urge, I laid out a piece of rough cotton I found in a quilt shop, and set out the stickers I just punched, a plain label sheet with a smudge of ink, the doctored up one, some ribbon I found in a fabulous store right across the street from where Laura and Steve live (the grey one in front has tiny taupe snowmen; if you click on the picture you will get a bit better view of them) and a carved wooden button I found at Button Button.

I have a great idea for an easy way to make the Inspiration Board and display it so make sure to check back next Thursday...
And finally, I'll leave you with one last picture - a table runner I finally finished this morning. It's from a purchased pattern, but I did muck with the flower. The original is a daisy of sorts but I wanted a country French feel so I designed a poppy instead. One of my best memories of France was the beautiful fields of red poppies and the blue shutters of Provence and this runner takes me back there every time I look at it; I am definitely keeping this one!


Maggie said...

Is there a pattern for that wonderful table runner with that poppy??? I particularly like the many angles to this runner you made....very colourful as well. Enjoyed your vacation to the coast, sounds like you had a great time......but glad to see you back again.

Julie Collings said...

gorgeous fabrics, all piled together like that it makes me want to start sewing! sounds like a wonderful time. julie