Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Days

Sometimes you decide to do something and it turns out to be exactly the right thing. That's what the Artful Thursdays have become for me; just what I needed, when I needed it most.

Although the things I have created thus far are not the most artistic things you will see, they have performed a vital function for me - they have cleared my mind. Things I have wanted to fiddle around with but never had the time - well, truthfully, never took the time. And with them out of the way, new ideas are creeping in....

Another benefit has been looking at what the other Artful Thursday girls have been doing - very inspiring!

Below is a flower I found on Tina's blog and it was just what I needed to add some pizazz to a bag I have been working on.

I changed it slightly by layering in a yo yo for the smallest round and used a different template than the one she mentions but I am delighted with the results just the same.

I am already tossing around ideas for this week's post!

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