Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Baskets

Sometimes at Easter I think back to my childhood and remember pretty dresses and gloves to wear to church on Easter Sunday; oh, the days of dressing up for special of occasions...

This year I am thinking of my own children, especially of the little baskets they each made for me when they were in primary school. Laura's was the first (makes sense as she is the oldest) and she went into great detail with the straw and the eggs.

She was very proud of her creation and it had a place of honour on our Easter dinner table for years.

Doug's basket is much plainer; his is also much bigger so I suspect he may have run out of both time and clay to add any details but I am glad of that because I can put things in it. He too was always proud of his art; often so much so that he hard time giving some things away!

Below is my version of a basket - it's the French Market Bag by Fig Tree - I changed the pattern a bit by making it taller and a few details like pockets etc. I also added purchased handles rather than making fabric ones. The flower has a pin back so it can be removed and a different one put on whenever I want a change. I bought the instructions from Rebecca Sower's Etsy Shop and they are a great way to use up all those little scraps!

Happy Easter to all of you and may your baskets be overflowing with good things.


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Laura said...

Good as new!!!