Thursday, April 8, 2010

Artful Thursday - The Barely There Post

It's still Thursday here in the Pacific Time Zone so this post is squeaking in under the wire.

I took some pictures at work today for the store blog and all went well; tonight it seems my batteries are dead. Soooo.... pictures won't be posted until after work tomorrow night but in the meanwhile, here are some "artful descriptors":

Beautiful, rough, antique linen, coarsely woven

French linen handmade lace from days long gone by

Dark wooden buttons from the 1930s

Mauve linen thread

Torn white muslin

Freshwater pearls

Piqued your interest? Check back later tomorrow evening...

In the meanwhile, here is an old photo of some millinery work I did for a store demo a few weeks back - I formed it into a pin for the bag I posted a photo of in my Easter post. When I am tired of the raggedy flower pin, off it comes and this elegant rose takes it's place.

See you tomorrow!

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