Sunday, April 11, 2010

Art Speaks

Art speaks to me in many ways but if it's my own art, it's usually in the form of a dictum. (Don't you just love that word? I do; it sounds so decisive.)

This piece was planned as a lavender sachet but as I worked on it I decided it should be a book cover. Or rather, it decided it should be a book cover and I acquiesced.

To make a ruched flower (you can use ribbon or fabric strips), cut a length longer than you think you need - my flower was formed from a torn strip of muslin that was almost 2" wide by about 26" long.

Using a matching sewing thread (the heavier your fabric or ribbon, the stronger your thread should be), begin at one corner and work a basting stitch across to the other side and back again forming little triangles. You can pre-measure this but I usually don't. Baste in this manner all the way to the end of your strip.

Once you reach the end, gently pull on your basting thread and ease the gathers with your other hand, pulling until the entire strip is gathered. Secure with a knot, but don't tie off the thread.

This is what it should look like!

Form a coil, starting in the centre and place it on your project where you want the flower to be centred. Using the attached thread, tack through the folds to hold in place and continue coiling and tacking until the flower is completed, tucking the last bit underneath to round out the flower. Add seed beads or pearls for detail if you wish.

And now I must go speak to my art as I have a few ideas of my own about what sort of book it should be...


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your blog and your Demo's you put on. Wouldn't miss them for the world. Thank you so much for inspiring me Jillian, you are a pleasure to see what you will come up with next........
Margaret Magri

Tina said...

super cool - we must be thinking the same artful thursday projects relates to flowers again much fun to make - this piece is great.

embellishments by tina