Monday, March 8, 2010

Forever Blooming

As I was straightening the mess of ribbon from my last post I remembered these chrysanthemums I used to make. They are so pretty but finding the right ribbons is not always easy and they do take a lot - at least seven different kinds and you need about a yard of each!

But oh so pretty... and before I knew it I was picking out just the right ribbons for this beauty...

So I played with the camera and the photo editing...

And I couldn't decide which was best so I posted them all!

I couldn't stop at just one flower so I started making different roses.

This one is a folded, wrapped rose.
And here it is at a bit of an angle - I couldn't find a vase little enough so it is sitting in a candle holder!

Now I am in the process of making gathered and rolled petals but they are fiddly and are taking longer than I remembered. Real roses may be blooming in my garden before I get my ribbon ones finished!

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