Thursday, March 18, 2010

My First Artful Thursday - Part 1

I have been thinking all week about what I would create for today and nothing of excitement came to mind. Every time I went in my sewing room (which I have now labelled "The Stockroom") I hoped for inspiration but none came; all I saw was a mess.

This morning the fabric below was peeking out at me from the bottom of a stack. This is one of those fabrics that I have looked at for months but never bought as I couldn't think what I would do with it. As the bolt was slowly depleted by customers with more vision than I, I thought harder but still no ideas... The other day I couldn't find it and panic set in. After ten minutes of hard looking I found it - a very skinny bolt with not much left on it so the time I come. I bought some; not a lot, but enough.

So now I had it - but what to make?

Looking at the disarray on my worktable I felt guilty about not taking better care of my tools.
The wasted time looking for things that never seemed to land in the same place twice regardless of my best intentions.
Remembering learning how the Japanese revered their tools when I was studying Silk & Metal Thread Embroidery.

I would make a tool roll and this fabric would be the outside.

Japanese designs are masters at incorporating opposites - curves with geometrical elements is one example so I looked for a plaid to use for binding.

I really like this plaid and want to use it for the lining as well, but I really want the binding on the diagonal. I wonder if it would make me mental to have it straight for the lining and diagonally for the binding? There is nothing else I like as much and if I cut it carefully I should have enough... Plus it's perfect with the fabric I want for the pocket piece(s).

So I am off to create a new home for the items below plus their friends (who I will have to go find!)

I will be back this afternoon with all the construction details and photos!

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