Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Leaf

One of my earliest memories is of leaves.

I remember a tree that grew in front of the house we lived in when I was three. The branches hung over the sidewalk (yes, it was wooden) and I would sit under it with my dolls Sam, Fred, George, and Charles (yes they were girl-dolls and no, my mother was not happy about their names).

I remember two things about the leaves; the first was how they danced in the breeze, allowing the sunlight to filter through and create little golden-leaf shapes that flitted all around on the sidewalk boards. For so long I tried to catch them but never could; one day I stopped trying and just watched them - the dancing light and shadows of the leaves flitting over the greyed boards, making me think of fairies and little such things.

Yesterday I went looking for ribbon leaves.

Somewhere in this mass of ribbon is a few tiny ribbon leaves...

And here some are...

They are so easy to make and yet so delightful!

And they come in all sizes, some glittery, some pink from frost that never was...

Some are pale and some are dark...

And the loveliest ones are velvet!

Further down, under the ribbons and leaves are flowers. Roses and chrysanthemums. Fuchsias and snowdrops.

Soon I will be digging in the earth but for now I am happy with my ribbon garden.

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Marj Talbot said...

Very enjoyable and interesting reading.
I love your perspective on life events and love to see the photos associated.