Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jeudi Ruse

Jeudi Ruse (I'm missing the accent on ruse) means Artful Thursday in French - which is where today took me.

I bought the postcard below on a trip to France a couple of years ago and wished afterward I had bought several more; thank heavens for colour copiers.

I have many ideas for these images so it's likely they will appear again over the course of the year but for now it's cards!

This first one is a simple as it gets - cut out the image and glue onto the front of the card; I like to use an acid free glue stick. The bow is tied from satin ribbon and glued on with a thick white glue - again acid free.

This picture didn't turn out all that well but you can get the general idea. I chose two coordinating ribbons and rather than cut and glue them on, I cut tiny slits in the card stock, just as wide as the ribbon. Poke the end of the ribbon through (an awl works perfectly for this) and glue down about 1/2 inch or so. Repeat for the opposite end, pulling the ribbon taut but not too much or you will curl the card. I then glued down the Eiffel Tower image and a button. I thought afterward I should have put a ribbon bow under the button but it was too late - next time!

For the inside of the card, I wanted to do something that would cover and protect the ribbon ends. I found a pretty piece of fabric, cut it about 1/2 inch bigger than the desired finished size and fused it to a piece of paper-backed fusible web. I trimmed it to size using a wave blade on my rotary cutter, peeled the paper off and fused the fabric to the inside of the card.

To make a space for writing something I fused weaver's cloth to interfacing for both body and to prevent the underneath fabric from showing through. I glued ribbon to both the top and bottom and then fused more paper-backed fusible web to the back. Peel off the paper and fuse in place.



Tina said...

what a fun and classy idea. Love these images and even better when they are made into cards.

if you have a chance come by and visit my blog and see my artful thursday projects...

embellishments by tina

paperbird said...

I love creating with postcards- I used one in my artful thursday project too. Great work.

tamdoll said...

Nice idea for turning a postcard into a card! I just have stored them in with my photos in the past - good idea to color copy, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, great to see more Artful Thursday projects!