Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's A Wrap!

It's all done - only three days late, but done it is.

The below shot is of the outside with the binding, which hadn't yet been turned to the inside and hand stitched in place. I pondered what I would use for the ties: twine, fabric, ribbon... when I remembered a stash of friendship bracelets my daughter Laura had made about fourteen years ago. I dug them out (yes, I remembered exactly where they were - surprised even myself with that one) and found two that were the right colours. They are sewn in place at the same time as the binding; just ensure they are both sewn at the same place!

This next photo is of the inside with some of the tools in place. I don't mind that the plaid is on the bias for the binding and on the straight of grain for the lining - I was afraid it might be jarring, but I think it looks just fine. (Click on any photo to enlarge)

And below is the final shot of it all rolled up and tied!

I am so glad I thought of her friendship bracelets for the ties - I have always regarded my tools as friends and now I have a beautiful place to keep them! So next Thursday when I am all set to create something artful, I won't be distracted by wondering where on earth everything is.

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Laura said...

You know, some people paid good money for those bracelets! ;-)