Saturday, March 13, 2010

Artful Thursdays

Sometimes it is easy to push creativity aside, especially when creating things to sell, or preparing something for a class. I have often felt a struggle between making what I really want to make and making something people will want to either buy, or learn to make. But oh how I love it when I make things that sing.
Sometimes they sing to me, other times they sing about me.

Last week I discovered this blog and I was so inspired. The first thing that caught my attention was an Artful Thursday post, and further into the blog archives I read the post where Julie explains the inspiration behind her Artful Thursdays - you can read that post here:

So I emailed her to ask if I could join in - and she said yes!

This button will link you to Julie's blog (I have added a smaller permanent one to the sidebar) so you can go and check out what all the participating bloggers are doing.

My first post for this will be Thursday March 18 so watch for it!

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Jennifer said...

Welcome to Artful Thursdays. I'll come back next week to see what you have created. Have a great week.