Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring is in the Air?

I have Spring Fever already. Fair enough, I suppose, due to the ridiculously warm winter we have had. And so I am dreaming of fresh herbs and pretty flowers.

It all started when I opened the closet in my sewing room and a bag of stuffing fell on my head. I came face to face with a big mess and since I didn't really have anything else tugging at me I decided it was time for a little Spring Cleaning.

That closet housed two large bags of driftwood (my husband swears it's half a cord), a bag of rocks from the top of Grey Mountain in the Yukon ( large rocks), three plastic containers (each one is 2 feet by 3 feet) filled with scraps, unfinished projects, upholstery fabrics and silks etc for crazy quilting, a Singer Featherweight sewing machine in it's little black box, a 13kg bag of crushed walnut shells for pin cushions, a large portfolio filled with needlework projects, all my batting (a 3 foot stack), and several containers, each measuring at least ten inches square, holding an even longer list of crafting supplies.

And that is just what is on the floor!

So I hauled it all out and re-organized. And decided the time has come to actually do something with all that driftwood. The little pieces are for elf canes and the larger ones were destined for furniture making.

But now I think I shall try to fashion some sort of a garden trellis with it instead - and then maybe I can grow something like these...

This picture is from last summer and is of a friend's garden. I can only aspire to grow flowers like this.

And that is why I am thinking of spring.

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Laurie said...

Oh-those lupines remind me of the ones that grow wild in northern Mn. I have never been able to grow them either and have given up. If you make a trellis out of driftwood I hope you will post a picture. Congrats on organizing that messy closet. Doesn't it feel good? I continue to chip away at my clutter!!!