Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quilting In France or Quilting in French?

Lately it seems wherever you turn in the quilting world you encounter France. Or rather, the French language.

Several of the last few year's fabric lines have been given French names, and some are even reproductions of vintage French textiles. Patterns and designs for everything from quilts to bags are also given a French identity... perhaps having a French name imparts a certain amount of "cachet" ... a "je ne sais quoi..."

We were in France a year and a half ago and I need to go back. I really, really need to go back. It truly was indescribable for many reasons but my favourite was the language. I studied French in school from Grade 5 to Grade 12 and was amazed how quickly it came back; after only two days I was already remembering vocabulary I had thought long gone. Trouble was, I couldn't always remember the meaning of every word that came to mind!

Last week I was bundling up little fabric packs at work and the one below followed me home.

Lovely pinky-brown fabrics - tres jolie!

I played with my camera a bit and tried creating a setting for it - I like this picture much better than the first one.

So now, what to make? I have an idea or two, but one thing I know for sure - the name of the design will be Cafe Au Lait!

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Laura said...

I will come to France with you!

All this bilingualism (if that's even a word) has made me want to speak nothing but French...