Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pleasant Distractions

I have been so distracted for the past week thanks to the Olympic Games. As many of you know my daughter Laura has been working for the Vancouver Organizing Committee for just over a year as an Assistant to Curling. She has been checking in regularly, making sure we are watching. And we are!

I have very diligently been parked in the chair with a healthy stack of various projects requiring handwork. What I work on is entirely dependant on the sport I am watching - some like skating, require full visual attention so knitting is my choice. Curling allows ample time for looking away so that is the time for crazy quilting. And so it goes...

I realized I hadn't posted all my hearts - from when Rebecca Sower suggested we post heart-themed blogs and so here are two more...

This is a salt-dough heart plaque I made in 1996. It's supposed to have a ribbon hanger; when I made it I couldn't find one in the right colour, right width, so set it aside. I think it's time to dig around a bit - or I could cut a fabric strip and maybe pink the edges....

This is a little button heart - they are glued on to a wooden heart shape - I just need to glue cord around the raw edge to finish it and perhaps some felt on the back. I couldn't decide if it should be a tree ornament or brooch... hence it's unfinished state. (Notice a recurring theme?)

Another view, undoctored in the photo lab. This projects date back to about 1996 as well!

Also, I have added a few more links to blogs I like to follow. Some are about quilting, some are not, but one thing they have in common is beautiful photography. When I look at their photos I am green with envy! I struggle with getting pictures that are in focus - never mind being beautiful! So I am playing around a bit and trying out some of the editing tools, but oh, it is a challenge!

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