Monday, February 8, 2010

Pale is Pretty

I like pale. Pale fabrics, pale threads, pale ribbons, pale buttons...

Several years ago I ventured into pale crazy quilting. The fabrics ranged from ivory to a light beige and the threads were an icy blue, again from ivory to the palest of grey-blues.

(The detail photo above is from a small bag that is meant to hold greenery; the stitching is all done by hand.)

I had such fun with the first piece (which was a wall-hanging that happily lives with a good friend) that I went on to create all sorts of things. You see, I think of crazy quilting as making a piece of fabric; a truly unique piece of fabric that you can then make into anything you want.

I made stockings and bags and angels. And wall-hangings and table runners. And while I love the look of the icy blues, now I am seeing something else.

I have been collecting various grey fabrics and threads for several years now. I think I have almost everything I need now to create a piece of fabric that is reminiscent of rain...

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Karens Hopes said...

Wow I was sure that stitching was done on a machine its beautiful,so neat and I love the colour combination.