Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quilted Valentines

Valentine's Day is not far away and I am seeing hearts!

I have been stirring around these ideas for some time and have finally had an excuse to play around with them. None are finished yet but the hard part is done - the piecing and applique I mean. Now the fun begins - embellishing!

I have just spent a happy half hour poring over my beads, ribbons and buttons to see if I have what I think will add just the right pizazz to the projects below. I can assure you it is a big pile so I just may have to exercise some restraint.

The first quilt is actually quite small; it's a token quilt which means it is "just a little something". It isn't even the size of an 8" x 10" and will not need a lot to finish it. But... it might be fun to go a little over the top... When it is finished it will reside in the entryway, propped on a little gold easel I have had for years.

Interlaced Token Quilt

This next one was so much fun to play with - and I'm not even done yet! The longer hearts made me think of flower petals so that was an easy design starting point. I have been itching to use the background fabric with the writing on it - the one behind the open hearts. The writing is in French so I will have to think up a French name for the quilt. Come to think of it, I still have some of the antique mother-of-pearl buttons from Paris. They might add a little cachet...

Beautiful French Name, Not Yet Thought Of

The next photo is of a red and white table runner. I am a big fan of red and white and there is so much choice out there now so it's easy to pull together a beautiful variety. I designed this so the two end blocks are the same, just rotated and the centre section has been fragmented differently. By not doing a mirror image in the centre it makes the entire piece have a random look.

The other reason I really like this runner is that since I didn't get too carried away with the hearts, I can use it at Christmas too. I am really liking things that do double duty!

Scrappy Hearts Table Runner

I have many more ideas and Valentine's Day is still three weeks away...

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