Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quilted Journal

I am so thankful I have only one class sample to make for this schedule. And I am even more thankful that the ideas flowed fast and furious and everything has come together so well. It isn't finished yet, but the front and back covers are ready to be glued to the book-board.

Below you can see both covers, as well as the DMC linen thread skeins I blogged about last fall - I finally got to use them!

And do I like stitching with linen thread...

The buttons on the card above are made of bone and they are very old - I found them in the specialty button store in Vancouver when I was last there. It is so much fun to finally have the time and reason to play with my little treasures. They are usually tucked away, out of sight and often out of mind.

But not now...

Above is the back cover and below is the front.

This is another project where I have been able to combine piecing with embroidery and it is still my favourite technique. Somehow seams look incomplete to me if they do not have pretty stitching along their length!

The fabric signatures are all sewn and the paper ones are folded - next is getting the covers glued and sewing the signatures together. I do believe I will make Friday's deadline after all...

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