Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snowman in Flannel

I have always liked Winter - never loved but certainly liked. It must be from growing up in the Yukon - you might as well at least like it as you get a lot of it!

So when I wanted to do a snowman wall hanging for one of my class projects, I did one with a Christmas Tree, but it didn't make me happy. I think of snowmen as a generally "Winter" thing, rather than just at Christmas. And I had found a lovely hounds-tooth dark brown flannel... so I made another one...

I am not sure how many of you have combined flannel and cotton broadcloth in a single project but this is my first - and I am delighted with the results. You can see the texture and it calls you to touch it - well, really, to rub it. And let me tell you about the grey starry fabric I used for snow. Everyone in both classes wanted that fabric in the worst way. I had bought it years and years ago - can't remember how many exactly but I was up north when I got it. For some unknown reason I had a bought what was for me a fair chunk, I believe a whole metre, but had hardly used any up to this point. Well, I took it to both classes and I am now left with a smidgen of it!

Anyway, I was going to keep this as I loved it so much, but one of the people in my class was telling me she was making hers into a pillow and I decided I wanted one too. So this little fellow is off to a good home and I get to make him all over again, except this time he will grace my sofa (my husband's word - I say couch - what do you say?) for a few months. Much as I like him it will thankfully be for less time than if we still lived up North!

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