Thursday, December 24, 2009

Magical Christmas Eve

I still think of Christmas Eve as the most magical day of the year. Out of all the special days, it is indeed my favourite. And when evening comes and darkness has fallen the world becomes a very small place for me.

Some years our tree went up a few days before Christmas, other years, colder years, it might be Christmas Eve before we would finally give up on it getting warmer and go find the nearest Christmas Tree. Thankfully back then you didn't need a permit and could cut a tree anywhere on crown land - the good old days in the Yukon Territory.

Whenever the tree did go up, once the lights were arranged, the ornament below was the first to be placed. For every Christmas of my life he has been on our tree - you see he is a very old ornament - more than seventy, and of course I am nowhere near there myself!

He is an odd looking Santa - at least I have always thought so, and the colour of his chenille arms and legs has mellowed over the decades. When I was very young I didn't care for him at all but he grew on me year after year and now he is my most treasured ornament; a link to my past.

And it seems he has become a link to the future as well.

When my children were small they didn't much care for him either - funny-looking they decreed. I didn't say much for I knew full well his ability to grow on one. By the time they were teenagers they didn't mind him and I know when they are both home for Christmas they will each look at the tree to make sure he is in his place.

And of course he is.

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