Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Study of Pink

A few posts back I mentioned the Rouenneries fabric line that came out in October and posted a picture of the charm pack and some of my "stash" fabrics that I thought might work with it.

Well, I have been playing with it quite a lot lately; in fact, as painters have done studies of objects or styles in their paintings, I have been doing a study of this fabric line. It has some unusual colourways in it - a very different, and what I think, very old-style European pink we have not seen much of here in North America. At least I haven't! And may I mention the taupes...

And through all this I have discovered what I think is the best use of a Charm Pack yet; to learn about a particular colour or print-style you may not be familiar with. Of course it does have it's limitations, size being one of them, but that isn't much of a negative if you ask me. What they do best is provide a variety of prints in colourways and combinations you may not have tried before and in playing around with them on small projects you can learn a lot about what a fabric will and won't do before investing in yardage. Fabrics you would have discounted on the bolt for one reason or another have a better chance of being used when presented in a Charm pack. So far I have discovered two prints in this line that I didn't like before but are now my new favourites - everywhere I try to place them, they sing.

I love fabrics that do that! Whenever I use them, whatever I make is wonderful and I salvage every scrap of the leftovers.

One of my all time favourite fabrics is one that looks like lace. I have used both the front side and the back in several projects over the years; this fabric also dates back to about 1995 and as I am now getting down to the dregs, have become very judicious in it's use- but it never disappoints.

When I started playing around with the Rouenneries fabrics I decided simple was best and since I had to come up with a project for a friend that involved no measuring, I kept the charm squares whole. Perfect I thought - this really would be a study of colour and print - no quilt pattern to interfere.

And it was fun! And here it is...

My treasured fabric is the narrow inner border - everything else is from Rouenneries.

I learnt a lot about grey and taupe from this and armed with that I am venturing into my own stash and doing what quilter's do - adding a little of this and a little of that to make it my own.

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