Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pen & Ink

Sometimes when I want to make something I have a pattern in mind and often times, I know exactly what fabric will lead the way. Other times the fabric is all I know!
This is one of those times.

The fabric below is one I have looked and looked at, unrolled a length and then rolled it back up again without making a purchase. I'm drawn to the images encased in the circles - they are like little "snapshot" drawings within the whole and the fabric has an almost "painterly" feel to it.

What has held me back is the amount of light background showing through. Fabrics like that can be a bit tricky, depending on what you do with them. And I never had a plan.

But now I do!

I want to do something that can incorporate more of the little drawings, but as nothing is available to purchase, I will have to come up with my own. I am thinking I will need to use freezer paper as a stabilizer and I have a good selection of Pigma pens in various sizes and colours so I think I am ready to begin.

No clear-cut plan in mind but a willingness to let the design lead me.

That last line sounds good, probably reads well, but if the truth be told, it's hogwash!

If I have an idea in mind, I will stubbornly fight to preserve it, regardless of where any of the designing process wants to take me. I have a heap on the floor of my sewing room that is testament to that stubbornness. I tell myself that I am leaving them be while I think things through a bit and will come back to them when I have figured it out. Really though, they aren't turning out the way I want and I am still seeing them for what they aren't, rather than what they are. It seems I am still too attached to the outcome to just sit back and "let the design lead me"!

What about you - open-minded, or stubborn?

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