Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In the Pink!

Today I am seeing pink!

In all my digging into old fabrics these past few days I came across this treasure. I purchased it from Wineberry Fabrics in Vancouver long before we left the Yukon (which makes it at least 15 years old). It is a linen cotton blend and it grabbed me right away! I had no idea what to do with it so I bought .3 of a metre - thank heavens it's 60" wide! The main reason it hasn't been cut into thus far is that it has never really gone with anything else.

But I am a sucker for fabrics that are faded and look worn from the get-go.

And now I have the perfect thing to go with it! Beautiful grey, taupe, pinkish, sage coloured fabrics with soft muted patterns of florals and paisleys. They can be a bit dull on their own but this fabric seems to brighten things up without being harsh.

And I really like it!
And I've been waiting to use it for a really long time!

The first cut was the hardest - with something special it always is - but now I am happily whacking up into squares and triangles, content in the confidence that
it is being used in the best possible way and so glad to know
that should anything untoward happen to me, it won't land in a garage sale
and get made into a Hallowe'en costume!

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