Friday, October 30, 2009

What Grabs You?

I was recently on a quilting shopping expedition with my friend Marj. We had decided to take a little road trip to a couple of quilt shops she hadn't been to at all, and I hadn't visited for many months. So we picked the day, which was thankfully a dry day, and headed out at 9 bells.

The thing I have noticed about quilt shops is that even though the owners make a concerted effort to try to appeal to most quilters, there are still things about each that make them distinct from each other. And this is a good thing for us quilter's - it would be sad indeed if every shop carried all the same stuff.

In the first shop we visited I was smitten with fabric right at the doorway. Lovely Christmas fabrics in an unusual shade of blue - I do get sick of red and green at times, and when I think of the V.I.P. pink poinsettia prints that came back year after year in the 1990s I almost feel ill all over again! I really liked them at first, but by the fourth year I was done! They did change up the colour-way from year to year and presented them on black, bright green, turquoise, forest green and white backgrounds, but it was always the same pink poinsettia!

But, I digress.

New and different Christmas fabrics caught my eye first and I then went on to buttons (which are an addiction, and no, I am not seeking treatment!). Charming buttons that will add just the right detail to my latest little project, or can just sit it my button box until inspiration comes.

The next shop offered up an old-fashioned print; a tapestry-looking fabric in black, dark burnt red and a deep olive green. A deep dark fabric propped in a corner that insistently drew me back to it over and over again. It drew Marj too and although we both wanted some, neither of us had any idea what we would make with it. A discussion with the clerk ensued as we debated the merits and pitfalls of a half-metre, .75, or a full metre. Marj was first up and decided a full metre would do and when my turn came I thought .75 was in order. When the clerk unwrapped the remainder of the bolt to cut mine it was just over the .75 metre mark! We both laughed at how perfectly it worked out and how lucky we were to both get what we wanted.

And what a perfect day it was!

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