Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quilting With Curves

Today I am seeing curves.

Seeing is one thing though, quilting with them is entirely another! Over the years I have taken courses and read books on working with curved shapes in quilting, in fact, I have a few books in my own library that I refer to now and again when I hit a stumbling block.

For the projects pictured here though, I have been working out my own way - nothing new technique-wise in the quilting world I am sure, but new to me! My first inspiration came from my recent trip to Vancouver. I was staying at the Granville Island Hotel with a friend and fellow quilter from the Yukon and she was continually distracted by the maple leaves that littered the ground under our feet. I have no idea how many she eventually took home with her but I suspect it was several!

I must admit I too found them a distraction. The colours ranged from the brightest of greens, through yellows, oranges, rust and finally deep reds and often times all of these colours appeared on a single leaf! And so, it was natural for me to be drawn to a maple leaf when I was thinking about something suitable for the Demo tomorrow. The idea for the curves came second, and here is a quick look at what I have come up with.

Detail of Vancouver Leaves

And as always with me, one thing led to another and I found myself thinking about curves in other quilting designs. I found the remains of a Patisserie Sweet Roll
(1 1/2") strips and have started to play with that too!

This one has been a bit more of a challenge - the technique I am trying is straightforward enough, but the design itself is giving me a bit of a's always something!

And here is the start of it!

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