Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Is...

October is many things to me, but most especially, it is the month of Hallowe'en. Below is one of my favourite mini-quilts; I like it because it has plaid fabric, an interesting background and the "appliques" are either paper, or buttons. It was so easy to put together but still fun to work on.

This year October also means it is time for the Maiwa Handprints Symposium in Vancouver, B.C. I am lucky enough to be here with my friend Carol from Whitehorse who knows more about textiles and dyeing than I could ever hope to! We are staying at the lovely Granville Island Hotel and have spent today exploring just some of what the island has to offer to artisans of all disciplines.

I have found some lovely treasures and am now heavily weighted for the trip home! And... tonight is the first of a series of lectures Maiwa has assembled; I can't remember what it is about as I am far too excited about tomorrow's - "Creating A Garden of Natural Dye Plants". I thought growing herbs was interesting enough but I have a feeling my garden plans for next year are about to expand!

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