Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Favourite Things

One of my favourite things about quilting and needlework is all the fabulous tools!

Some you buy, others you can make. Below is a tomato pincushion designed by Fig Tree Quilting from their book "Fresh Vintage Sewing". As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it and now I have one sitting right beside my sewing machine!

Tomato Pincushion by Fig Tree & Co.

Although I really like my tomato pin cushion, my favourite is still my little Tigger!

I bought him many years ago and he has held the Pin Cushion Place of Honour on my sewing table ever since. My children were aghast with my choice when I brought him home - they had the silly idea I would go to a sewing store and buy a conventional one!

And here he is!

My son is certain that somewhere in the world is a tiger with a very sore back!

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Anonymous said...

What a cute pincushion.
Enjoy your blog. Your creations are so inspiring. Keep up the good work.